Beautiful nurseries and big girl beds

I was lucky enough to own a store right next door to Olivine for five years. Let me just say that Olivine has been my go-to shop for almost everything. They have a fantastic collection of beautiful French-inspired home decorations, furniture, clothing and bedding. And the baby selection is the best in town! They have adorable clothing and knick-knacks that you can’t find anywhere else.


Kenneth, Wendy, & Lovable Roberto

Kenneth, a designer who runs his own visual creative firm, and wife Wendy, an artist, have discriminating tastes. They have always been drawn to beautifully crafted, thoughtfully constructed furniture, of varying origins. But after a vacation to Europe last year, Wendy’s vision for their living room took on a decidedly French flair.

We were very excited that they wanted to include us in the process. Our charge was to help them find just the right pieces that would give the rooms not only a sense of old world class, but also create an inviting and comfortable ambiance that friends and family would want to curl up in.

Let's create something together

Nothing makes us happier than helping our customers create cozy, livable, lovable spaces in their homes. And we’ll help you in any way you like. Whether that’s researching fabrics and colors, putting together some ideas we might have or just providing a sounding board for your ideas. Ultimately it’s your space and will reflect your tastes and sensibilities. But we’d love to help you get there.


Inspired by French stye, we believe what looks good,should feel fantastique.

Inspired by French stye, we believe what looks good,should feel fantastique.

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