Peace-Love - September FeaturedPeace & Love Bedroom Set

Look at this bed. Is it not the very definition of comfortable? Just looking at this photo makes us want to crawl up there amid all those cushy pillows and realize that life is very goooood. There's even room for Izzie our lovable little Sheltie. Of course, if you don't have a Izzie that just means more pillows for you.

A. Headboard - Custom Olivine handmade headboard.

B. Bed Curtains - Whisper linen, 100% linen with sheer linen ruffle

C. Love/Peace Pillows - 100% Certified Organic Linen, available colors: organic flax linen with "Love/Peace" stitched on. 

D. Bolster Pillow - 100% Certified Organic Linen 

E. Luka Duvets - 100% Certified Organic Flax with Organic Based White in stripes connected with a zig zag embroidery.

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