Kenneth, Wendy, & Lovable Roberto

Kenneth, a designer who runs his own visual creative firm, and wife Wendy, an artist, have discriminating tastes. They have always been drawn to beautifully crafted, thoughtfully constructed furniture, of varying origins. But after a vacation to Europe last year, Wendy’s vision for their living room took on a decidedly French flair.

We were very excited that they wanted to include us in the process. Our charge was to help them find just the right pieces that would give the rooms not only a sense of old world class, but also create an inviting and comfortable ambiance that friends and family would want to curl up in. Oh, and everything would need to be able to survive the lovable enthusiasm of Roberto, their pet Maltese.

After the initial consultation – with a nice Bordeaux and Brie, of course – we all agreed that the transformation could take place leisurely, over several visits.
And why not? May as well savor this fun process, right?

The first part was easy as they both fell in love and, literally, into a beautiful slipped cover sofa by Moss Studio. Wanting a classic piece to house their plasma HD TV, they were initially torn between two armoires, but when Cathy showed Wendy how well the Aiden Grey would work with a French Laundry coffee table, they were sold.

After a couple Vagabond Vintage lamps by it was down to the accessories. When Kenneth came by to pick up the lamps, Cathy remembered that Wendy had been eyeing a Dash and Albert rug and a set of throw pillows from Pom Pom at Home the last time she was in. So he had them wrapped as “just because” gifts for his beloved.
Classy guy.

They stopped by recently to tell us guests have been raving about their space. Roberto, too. We love our jobs.

Beautiful nurseries and big girl beds

I was lucky enough to own a store right next door to Olivine for five years. Let me just say that Olivine has been my go-to shop for almost everything. They have a fantastic collection of beautiful French-inspired home decorations, furniture, clothing and bedding. And the baby selection is the best in town! They have adorable clothing and knick-knacks that you can’t find anywhere else.

The day I found out I was pregnant with my first daughter, Fiona, I ran next door to tell Helen and Cathy that I was ready to get her nursery set. I had been waiting for this day because Olivine’s baby bedding is the most beautiful, yet practical, that I have ever seen.

Cathy, the manager and designer extraordinaire, helped me pick out the perfect bedding, bedside tables, bookcase, mirrors and unique wall hangings to create a wonderful nursery. She came over to my house to help plan the layout and pick the right colors and patterns that were in keeping with my taste.

Once Fiona was ready to move into a big girl bed I went to Cathy again to help me create a fantastic little girl room. I picked out patterns and colors from the designer Elizabeth Allen that we mixed for the duvet, pillows and bed skirt. Everything was custom-ordered to my exact wishes. Everyone who sees it is blown away. It is gorgeous!

Then my second child, Milly, came along and I had the itch to redo the nursery for her. But when I really looked around the room I realized that I still loved every single thing in it. The crib bedding was in great condition, even after many baby “accidents.” So I didn’t change a thing. Soon Milly will be ready for a big girl bed, and so I stop by the store regularly to plot out the perfect room for her. The choices and combinations are endless so committing to a final scheme will be the hardest decision of all!

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