My family and friends know how much I LOVE Houston's Hotel "BlaBla" (name disguised for reason that will soon be obvious)! The staff is friendly , the decor is fun, the beds are soft and lovely, but BEST, they allow dogs! The Olivine shop-dog, Pippi, has been several times and always makes me proud to be her mother.Thus,I had no reason to believe that last night would be any different.

My daughter, Catherine and I brought her to the bedroom, gave her a pat, and left to have dinner at the wonderful Italian restaurant ---------------with husband, sons, and Olivine manager, Cathy for an amazing meal. The guys left us to go hang together for pre-Cowboy-Texans game festivities, and Catherine and I left to go back to Bla-Bla. After opening the door to our lovely room, we were in shock...Pippi had eaten the door frame! On both sides of the door! In about four places!

We spent a sleepless and non-restful night tossing and turning until 5:30 this morning when we decided to get up and plan our strategy. Luckily for me, Catherine is a furniture-maker. Who knew? She has a degree from Vanderbilt in French Literature, three years in France, and now a life in Galveston working at The Antique Warehouse making beautiful furniture out of old, wrecked historic house parts . Catherine efficiently made out her Home Depot list: brush and dustpan, gordo to fill the holes, putty knife, two different kinds of sandpaper,and paint for the trim......but wait, what color white? How would we get the right shade to blend in with the paint on the molding? I brought some different whites over to the molding: toilet paper ,a napkin, a tank top, my coffee cup from Bla Bla's coffee station, and yes! the coffee cup was a perfect match!

So,we hung the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door, then off to the desk downstairs(with Pippi so that she would not be able to eat any more of the room) to get directions to the nearest Home Depot. And 45 minutes later, we were back at the scene of the crime. Now, it was about 8AM, and check out is noon, so we got right down to work. I gave myself the job of sweeping up the 5 million wood particles that were deeply embedded in the carpet. Only this stuff wouldn't sweep, i had to pick it up tiny shred by tiny shred. Catherine was on her stomach carefully filling in the gouges made by our Pippi, who now was lying on the floor by the window, concentrating hard on not looking at us. But wait, now we needed more tools and no time to go back to Home Depot! So a trip to the bathroom got us a toothbrush and a razor, and posted are our photos of a job well done, if we do say so ourselves.....